Reiki your way to good health



Our life system is breath – the flow of air in and out from the body. Some call this life force as prana, some call it chi and some call it ki. A healthy body is one that has a free flow of prana moving through the seven chakras. Free flow would be a smooth flow without obstacles.

How can a body have obstacles you wonder? Think of these obstacles as blocks preventing the energy to move freely up and down. Our body has seven main chakras placed along the length of the spine. Each Chakra controls certain organs of the body. A block in a chakra results in the improper functioning of the organ associated with the chakra. Over time this manifests itself as disease.

So how do you remove this block and get the energy flowing freely. Reiki is one way of doing this. The reiki healer is attuned to direcet energy to where it is required by the body. Reiki heals at a root level and transcends time and space. It is not limited to the present moment and is often used to heal past blocks. Reiki symbols have the power to direct reiki energy to a body part that requires healing. Combined with crystals this is a very effective in treating pains and ailments. However reiki symbols by themselves do not work. It is only under the healing hands of the attuned reiki practitioner that reiki energy can be guided where it is required.

Reiki removes energetic blocks. Not all blocks are a result of our present life. Some ailments that appear for no reason can be a result of past life. Reiki is used for karmic healing to dissolve past life karma and get the prana to flow freely. Reiki does not ask the question why? or how? it just goes to the source of pain and heals.

Reiki is not limited to body aches, pains and disease. You can reiki your house, your business, your car and more. Try a reiki session (StellaMuse Reiki Perth) and you will feel the changes in your life. As the blocks melt and the life force flows freely through you, you become one with life and move with the universe instead of struggling against it – and that my friend is the power of Reiki.

Five reasons why you should juice

Home juice_flame

Home juices are fresh and provide you with instant energy. A glass of Home Juice provides enough calories to carry you through an
extensive workout. Freshly pressed juices leave you feeling fresh and energetic.
Juices hydrate the body. A glass of fruit juice has 80 percent water content. Water is a must for carrying waste and minerals within and
out of the body. Juices have a very high concentration of water. Our bodies are 60 percent water. Water is required for transportation,
for maintaining the body temperature, blood pressure and the heart rate. Fruit juices like watermelon, orange and grapefruit have a high
concentration of water.

Fresh juices provide a pack of nutrients and minerals for a healthy and fit body. Our bodies are made to eat raw and wholesome food.
Freshly prepared juice has all the necessary enzymes, minerals and nutrients required for a healthy and well functioning body. Juice pulp that is left behind has most of the fibre which is also required by the body. This fibre can either be mixed into the juice or added to a
batter so that the fibre is taken in by the body.
Juices are an excellent source of detoxification. Spinach, kale, cucumber most commonly used in green juices cleanse the digestive
system by removing old toxins lying dormant in the digestive tract. Juicing also gives the digestive system a rest because the fibre
contained in the pulp is not consumed during a detox program. This provides the system a rest from digesting the fibre and the body
absorbs the nutrients better. Eating whole foods and fruits during a detoxification does not help as the digestive system does not get the
required break.

Juicing results in a healthy body. Juicing reduces cancer, it builds up the immune system as toxins are cleared from the body. Because of
this it strengths the digestive system. 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and
vegetables. A glass of juice that contains about 16 oz juice has the same nutrients as found in 2 pounds of carrots, 15 apples and 10
pounds of spinach or kale. This is an impossible amount to eat but can be consumed by juicing.

Juicing helps you look good. Juices hydrate the body and provide a good concentrate of water. Water is important for healthy skin, hair,
and nails which gives you a clean glowing skin. Over time as the body cleanses the hair and the rest of the body starts to look supple and

Go ahead and grab that green, fruit, red or mixed juice to start the day on the right note.

Caring for your new tattoo


Tattoos come in better design than clothes. Almost everyone supports a tattoo. If you have not got one and are still contemplating on a tattoo start with step 1. Find yourself a good tattoo artist. This is really important. Many people can make a design but the experienced tattoo artist with his knowledge of piercing  will pierce equally across the entire tattoo. Why is this important? This is important because at some point you will
want to remove the tattoo.

The level that a tattoo can be removed depends a lot on how it was pierced, the duration of the tattoo and the color of the ink used.
Laser technology used these days for tattoo removal uses laser beams directed to the tattoo pigment. Melbourne Tattoo Removal
specialises in the use of medlite C6 Q technology for a painless tattoo removal. he laser technology disperses energy at the right location faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. The energy is distributed evenly with no vacuoles or dead areas. The result is a safe, effective way to deliver energy precisely where it is needed. Combined with the Zimmer Chiller handpiece, it provides great results with minimal downtime and redness. The Zimmer chiller cools the skin before, during, and after the procedure thus reducing redness throughout the process.

Back to the tattoo artist – not only does the experienced tattoo artist provide even piercing – she will also give you frequent touch ups provided you follow the instructions given for the care of the tattoo. The first will be to keep the bandage on for 24 hours. Once the tattoo is complete the area is cleaned, dressed and bandaged. After 24 hours do not simply remove the bandage. Wet it with warm water and then remove it so as to not spoil the tattoo.

If water has splashed on the tattoo do not immediately rub it or dry with a towel. Let it air dry for a couple of times. Onc the tattoo is dry
and everytime it starts to feel tight apply a soothing ointment like Bacitracin or A&D. Apply enough to stop the tightening. Too much
ointment can breed bacteria and start an infection. Petroleum jelly will be a no no as it can clog the pores.

In about 2 weeks the skin will start peeling and the tattoo will look glassy and feel tight. Give it another 2 weeks and the skin will
regenerate and the tattoo will look etched into the skin. During this time avoid too much exposure to sunlight. Avoid working out as the
sweat may negatively affect the tattoo.

Just keep these few simple things in mind and the tattoo will be good to unfold with any adverse effects.